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    Ali Aboutwererat

    My tactics with these patients is listening and addressing their concerns about the problem and sympathises with them about their plight and then to explain that this problem is controllable by medications however it’s not curable so I set a sealing to their expectation up front and also I offer them a review appointment as many of our colleagues are not interested in the subject and once they find out the diagnosis they usually dishage the patient from the clinic of course there will be a few patients who you will be struggling to deal with those who you exhausted all medications and has not shifted their symptoms and refusing to have any psychological help typically these patients will be accompanied by one or two family members who will put more pressure on you to do something as the disease affected all family and this is the challenge?

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    Loreto Cortes Ruiz

    Me parece que escuchar al paciente la forma como describe sus síntomas sus expresiones son importantes en la patología GI, para mi fue una experiencia con el Dr Pontes en Brasil recibir una vez por semana psicosomática

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    James Garisch

    Timely recognition of E.Q requirements. Many of us are floundering in this ocean of dysfunctionality and expert signposts much appreciated

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    Vithal Kusuma

    Can you please send the transcript of the case presentations by email. Thank you

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