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    Michael Mogadam MD

    One major reason for susceptibility of women for development of alcohol-related liver injury is that unlike men, women do not have alcohol dehydrogenase in the stomach. In men approximately 30% of the consumed alcohol is metabolized by alcohol dehydrogenase, thus the available alcohol that reaches the blood stream and the liver is reduced by that 30%, whereas in women almost all 100% of consumed alcohol reaches the blood steam. This also explains why a woman drinking two drinks may have the legal blood alcohol levels that borders or reaches the DUI levels compared to 3 or more drinks for men.

    Aside from the liver impact the risk of breast cancer and depression is also significantly higher in women who drink more than two drink per day.

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    Dr.Jaydeb Ray

    At last some light at end of the tunnel. In last 35 yrs I found no genuine attempt for AALD.


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